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GYUPF is our flagship customer friendly program designed keeping just you in mind. Each one of you must have faced a race against time to submit urgent assignments due next day or just in a few hours. No body likes to go through so much stress and such a feeling; and assignment writing service companies make it worse by charging you preposterous prices for such urgent papers when you opt to buy assignment from them. Many companies offering assignment help service call this it "Express service", "Super Urgent paper" and what not? Only to charge you completely absurd prices

We are the pioneers of this concept and we are the only company to offer you urgent papers absolutely free of cost if you are one of our clients. Its our little way of passing on the loyalty back to you. And all this is available to you in spite of paying much below the market prices. Our regular price for an Undergraduate 2:2 is just £ 8.99 per page, which is at least 40 percent below the market price

How do I use it?

The process is simple; instead of approaching some other assignment expert , you can simply log into your order box with us and every time you place an order with us, you get free pages of urgent assignments. When this total accumulates up to a certain level, you become eligible to avail our free service. You can quickly check your order box and determine how many pages of free writing you have got yourself. With each order you place with us, the number of free pages will change. The number of free pages also depends on your level of writing, your previous orders, and also on your deadline.

-Any of our customers can avail this service and avoid paying  high prices for their urgent assignments.
-If you have free pages to your credit and if your assignment has  at least 12 hours before its deadline, we will do it free.
-If you avail the 12 hour option, your assignment should not be  more than 2,000 words.
-If your assignment is more than 2,000 words, we must have at  least 24 hours to complete it.
-If the total number of pages to your credit is 6, but your  assignment is just 4 pages, your account will have a balance of 2  pages.
-If the total number of pages to your credit is 6, but your  assignment is 8 pages, you can just pay for 2 pages and get your  assignment in time.

How do I check how many pages of urgent assignments I have got to my credit? 

Just log into your order box and check how many pages you have to your credit. Generally, we credit 2 pages for 10 pages of orders placed with us. It is sad, but true that some companies charge you MORE for just these 2 pages of your urgent assignment than your order for a normal 10 page assignment placed with us.  

Do not get ripped off and place your first, small, trial order with us. We bet you will come back to us for all your papers. 


discount offer

250 words = 1 page
500 words = 2 pages
750 words = 3 pages
900 words = 4 pages
1000 words = 4 pages
1100 words = 5 pages
1250 words = 5 pages
1350 words = 6 pages
1500 words = 6 pages
2000 words = 8 pages
2500 words = 10 pages
3000 words = 12 pages
3500 words = 14 pages
4000 words = 16 pages
4500 words = 18 pages
10.99-2:2 Degree = 5 days
11.49-2:2 Degree = 4 days
11.99-2:2 Degree = 3 days
13.99-2:2 Degree = 2 days
14.99-2:1 Degree = 5 days
15.49-2:1 Degree = 4 days
15.99-2:1 Degree = 3 days
17.99-2:1 Degree = 2 days
20.99-1st Degree = 5 days
14.99-Pass Masters=5days
20.99-Merit Masters=5days
25.99-Distinction Masters=5days

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Hi yes i got 66 on the law assignment you wrote i am very happy u asked - Robert, London.
Context - When we wrote back asking for the feedback on his "UK Patents Law" Masters paper for which he had ordered a "Masters Merit"
Hello, thank you for all the help. My dissertation got merit - Kevin, Birmingham.
Context - In response to our email asking feedback on his "Marketing dissertation". 
My tutor said my research was good and I got 85 because I was told the study needed a few more references - Saeed, Australia.
Context - This old customer of ours wrote back when he got his final marks. He complained saying that 2 guys in his class scored more than him.