Technology Change

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Technology Change

Nothing is constant, except change

It has become imperative for businesses to implement technology changes and while doing so the managers have to be concerned about the reaction of employees.

The need of implementation of a new technology emerges as part of an innovation process. The student needs to know the steps involved in identification of a technological change along with their relevance, implementation steps and finally the evaluation phase.

Each step in itself can be a topic of research and students can complete assignments on the same citing practical case studies. Different companies choose different approaches to implement technology change.

The importance of planning the implementation of new technology cannot be diluted. Students can study about cases where proper planning was done and other cases, where systematic planning was absent. This would help not only  in understanding the need of innovation and importance of planning but also in knowing real time issues faced during a technology change.

This is an apt time to also examine the difference between organising a firm and organising an innovation, how firms can stimulate innovation and how firm sustains competition with innovation. The conclusions of the case study can become a conclusive assignment.

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Also the general tasks involved in organising and innovation, types and levels of innovation, various innovation models available with their advantage and disadvantage can be discussed in an assignment.

The three levels of innovation are tactical product innovation, strategic innovation and build a culture to sustain innovation. Also, there are different types of innovation which need to be studied to know how they differ from each other on the basis of expense of experiment and uncertainty of results namely continuous improvement, process improvement, product innovation and strategic innovation. Amonsgt the number of innovation models used, the linear model of innovation is widely popular. There are other innovation models used like profit chain model, complex-systems model, volume-operations model etc.

There are a lot of social and political factors for technology change. The government also puts forth polices and regulations for technology and innovation. The study of above factors is very imperative to avoid calling off big investment decisions made on new technology due to political intervention.

The investment in technology being huge increases the risk factor too. This is because of the lasting impact a technology change decision has on the firm. Thus there are lots of factors that affect as well are dependent on technology change. The skepticism about capability of new technology can impact and influence the internal functioning of an organisation.

The practical cases with facts and figures of UK companies where technology changes have enabled business growth can be discussed for better understanding of the concept.

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