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Is your taxation assignment stressing you?

We offer professional taxation assignment help in answering tax based questions and writing taxation related projects. Taxation as a topic is very vast and to write assignments you could choose a specific tax as topic of your assignment or implications of any latest amendment that has been put into effect by the Central government or Local government.

This would require a person who has expertise in Taxation laws and specific rules under each law. Our eminent team of assignment help/writers includes professional chartered accountants who have been helping management students in completing taxation assignments.

There are two types of tax collected, namely,

  • Direct taxes – paid by individuals and business on income earned namely Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Inheritance Tax and National Insurance Contributions.
  • Indirect taxes – paid by individuals and business on money spent on goods or services namely Excise duty, Insurance Premium Tax, Petroleum Revenue Tax, Stamp Duty, Land Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT).

To solve a tax question on Personal taxes (Income Tax, Inheritance tax, Council Tax), you will need to know about the various sources of income that falls under the gambit of UK Income tax, taxation rules, exempted income, amendments, latest case rulings etc. Only a tutor who is familiar with your requirement and UK taxes will be able to help you give the best assistance in tax based problems.

Also students of indirect taxation can get assignment assistance on latest amendments on Value Added Tax, Customs duty etc by availing the help of our UK assignment writing service.

International Tax Planning is an upcoming concept which requires knowledge of fundamentals of International Tax planning and tax planning techniques.

Some allied aspects that can be covered in this topic are Exploiting low tax jurisdictions, anti-avoidance rules, corporate financing options, financing cross border acquisitions, using financial instruments for corporate financing, intellectual property, repatriation of foreign profits etc.

There are latest topics on which students can get taxation assignment help like tax rates, tax implication son UK holding companies, transfer pricing (designing and implementing transfer pricing policies, transfer pricing risk mitigation methods, financial reporting, risk assessments by HMRC etc.) discretionary trust closure and tax implication, share buybacks, tax planning, tax avoidance by major companies like Vodafone, Starbucks, Google Inc, and HMRC investigation, Air passenger duty, Capital Gains Tax etc.

Students can also write on issues in connection with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) decision disputes and appeals (direct and indirect tax) , settling of appeal either by agreement with HMRC or independent tribunal hearing.

The student can get help not only in assignment writing but also with unique assignment topic. We deliver our assignment writing services at affordable rate with assurance of meeting delivery deadlines.

We assure you of customized 100% plagiarism free assignments with original content. With advent of our new email based services your taxation assignments are just a click away.

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