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Marketing in itself is an evolving field of management and has given way to many new sub disciplines emerging out of it. The relevance of marketing is no longer limited to mere selling of goods. Its importance has grown in leaps and bounds due to customers looking into the bigger picture and setting higher expectations from a company and not limiting it just to products and goods. With this aspect in mind, let us discuss more on the concept services marketing.

The markets are opening up more not to just products but also to different types of services. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that services market is picking up pace faster than products marketing due to its reach factor. The economy itself is becoming service-centred post the rise in service industry not only in developing nations but also in the UK. The concept of product differentiation is becoming obsolete due to the rise in technological innovations and substitutes being easily available with other companies. Thus neither product differentiation and nor price factor count to get competitive advantage any more. Companies realised the importance of finding better avenues and that’s how the concept of providing superior services cropped up.

This has long since been proven by food chain giants like Pizza Hut, KFC who sell similar products as other companies but still manage to attract more customers by their superior services. Hence there is a service marketing element within regular marketing of products too.

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The differentiation between the two forms of marketing namely product and services marketing lies in the nature of ‘services’. Service by nature is intangible, and hence is difficult to be measured though that does not reduce its relevance. Another interesting fact to remember is that a service gets consumed as and when it is produced. It is difficult to be identified (due to its perishable nature) and priced and also to measure the satisfaction level of delivered services.

Service quality would help in customer retention and other aspects like- maintaining fair market share, company still being in profits, huge volumes, reputation by word of mouth etc. The concept of customer pyramid is also a very useful topic to describe the concepts of service marketing better. Also, students can take up assignment assistance for the topic of significance of extended marketing mix of 7 P’s in services marketing as against 4P’s of regular marketing mix.

Being related to marketing field, it is common that in services marketing also, lapses can occur. It would be interesting to study the importance of handling an unavoidable service lapse. Common instances that can be quoted are from travel industry and hospitality industry where customer dissatisfaction arise due to flight cancellation by the airline and longer service time at hotels respectively.

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