Open Innovation Model

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Companies decide on taking up innovations based on their technological strategy. It becomes important that the strategy chosen will help the company in choosing an innovation to differentiate itself from fellow companies. This is done by using technology to respond to changing trends and customer expectations with the help of existing resources. Constantly innovating is the key for a business to become market leaders. Innovating within the firm’s limits has become an old concept against which more and more companies are changing to open model of innovation. The article aims at helping students to understand a new perspective to the concept open innovation model and use the same as their assignment topic.

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Technology Strategy

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The importance of technology in making innovations has been long since proven. With more and more time and effort being spent by researchers and experts to come up with innovations with the help of emerging technologies, it has become a promising topic for management students. This is the intent behind making it part of management course materials.

Technology strategy and innovation

Innovate yourself

There are many ways of approaching a subject. Some topics cannot be explained without theoretical concepts and some in which students will not be able to understand the significance of the topic unless explained in practical economic scenarios. Whilst pursuing their studies at classes itself, students need to start thinking of ways to apply these theoretical concepts into practical aspects by being up to date with the changes in market. This would not only help them in finding interesting assignment topics but also help them further in their career. For learning how to approach the topic technology strategy and innovation, Continue reading

Services Marketing

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Marketing in itself is an evolving field of management and has given way to many new sub disciplines emerging out of it. The relevance of marketing is no longer limited to mere selling of goods. Its importance has grown in leaps and bounds due to customers looking into the bigger picture and setting higher expectations from a company and not limiting it just to products and goods. With this aspect in mind, let us discuss more on the concept services marketing.

The markets are opening up more not to just products but also to different types of services. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that services market is picking up pace faster than products marketing due to its reach factor. The economy itself is becoming service-centred post the rise in service industry not only in developing nations but also in the UK. The concept of product differentiation is becoming obsolete due to the rise in technological innovations and substitutes being easily available with other companies. Continue reading

Strategic Management

Strategic Management is the process of identifying and describing the organisation’s strategies that managers can take up to attain improved performance and competitive advantage (where the profitability is higher than the average profitability for all companies in its industry) for the organisation. For help with your assignment, approach our professional UK essay writing service.

It also helps to plan, identify, evaluate and implement the rules, practices and policies of the organisation. In identifying the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, strategic management plays an important role.

Strategic management helps in creating a vision for the future of the organisation. Strategic management also enables to understand the goals and objectives to be set to communicate the vision of the organisation and also helps to achieve the same. Strategic management makes the organisation prepared for both anticipated as well as unforeseen situations. Continue reading

Behavior Management

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Organisational behaviour is the methodical study of how people get affected by behaviour within formal organisations to improve efficiency, commitment and employee job satisfaction and to reduce employee turnover and absenteeism. The organisational behaviour study is required to understand, influence and predict organisational events. There are various behavioural science disciplines that help in studying organisational behaviour like psychology, sociology, social psychology, anthropology and political science.

Behavior Management

The behaviour management study encompasses a wide range of topics like behaviour models, attitudes, behavioural theories, management challenges, organisational culture and climate, individual and group behaviour etc.

There are five organisation behaviour models namely autocratic (depends on power), custodial (depends on economic resources), supportive (depends on support), collegial (depends on partnership) and systems. Each model has different influencing parameters like   managerial orientation, employee orientation, result on performance and result on employee psychology.

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Retail Marketing

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Retail marketing forms the first interface of the product and the customer. There are various modes of this encounter like shops, stores, malls, internet and more. Lot of planning required while marketing the product and the marketing strategy needs to be executed well to ensure customer needs are satisfied and the seller gets his profit margin.

Internet Shop Signs

The primary focus of retail market is to fulfill the desires of customers and to accomplish the same 5 important things must be done, namely- saving customer’s time, setting the right prices, creating a good link with the sentiments of the customers, giving respect to the customers and lastly address the problem of the customer. Continue reading

International Marketing

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International marketing refers to marketing of products for profit to consumers in more than one nation. The firm establishes manufacturing activities overseas and coordinates marketing strategies across nations’ boundaries. The company, in order to meet international challenges, has to develop new strategies and plans to adapt with the new market environment.


International BusinessThe main steps in international marketing management process are:


  1. Conducting market research
  2. Market segmentation ( on the basis of measurability, accessibility, profitability)
  3. Market targeting and positioning
  4. Deciding market mix (4P’s- price, product, place and promotion)
  5. Marketing plan implementation
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Conflict Resolution

At workplace, conflicts between people have become common and managers need to resolve these conflicts judiciously and effectively to augment personal and professional growth of staff. Would you like to avail conflict management / conflict resolution assignment help by UK essay writers? Read further.

Business people arguing in meeting

Conflicts happen when employees vent out stress that has built up in their minds. Managers must always try to nip any tiffs in the bud. During conflict resolution, the manager needs to focus on issues and not on individuals. We usually come across cases where managers try to avoid, ignore or deny the presence of conflicts. A good manager will be able to proactively identify any likely threats to team cohesion and will try to resolve the dispute amicably, thereby helping the organisation in increasing its productivity, awareness, team spirit and self-knowledge. If the manager fails to resolve the dispute harmoniously, it may result in discord amongst staff and lead to talent diminution.

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