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There are two types of tax collected, namely, Continue reading

NonProfit Social Marketing

The study of nonprofit social marketing is designed to understand the social aspects of marketing among nonprofit organisations and companies dealing with social issues as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. Need help to write an assignment on nonprofit social marketing? Read on.

NonProfit Social Marketing

Have you ever been a part of a nonprofit organisation?

The concept of Social Marketing was developed by Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman. This new concept’s marketing principles can be used to sell ideas, attitudes and behaviors thereby by bringing about social changes by using the same concepts from regular business marketing. Social marketing is geared towards supporting a social cause, raising money, awareness and public education. This is used widely in the Continue reading

Technology Change

Looking for help in your assignment on management of technology change? You are at the right place. The post below will give you some useful information and technology change.

Technology Change

Nothing is constant, except change

It has become imperative for businesses to implement technology changes and while doing so the managers have to be concerned about the reaction of employees.

The need of implementation of a new technology emerges as part of an innovation process. The student needs to know the steps involved in identification of a technological change along with their relevance, implementation steps and finally the evaluation phase.

Each step in itself can be a topic of research and students can complete assignments on the same citing practical case studies. Different companies choose different approaches Continue reading

Organisational Analysis

Stuck with your management assignment? Need to know more about writing an assignment on Organisational Analysis? Read further and get essay help from writers from the UK.

Organisational Analysis

Have you analysed your organisation’s productivity?

Organisational Analysis is a process by which the evaluation of productivity and functionality of the systems of the organisation is done to enhance the effectiveness, performance, and productivity. All companies must constantly develop the systems in the organisation to keep up their market competitive advantage. They need to develop new organisational strategies for organisational development and for augmenting the emphasis on increased efficiency.

The assignment on organisational analysis needs to cover focus areas of the subject, techniques used for studying perceptions of employees on their jobs and organisation as a whole. This is important for the student to identify the relevance of employee perceptions in enhancing organisational efficiency and Continue reading

Career Development

Do have an assignment on Career development? If you do and you are looking for a professional writing service that will help you in completing your career development assignment, read on.

Career Development

How high are you on the corporate ladder?

One of the objectives of Business Studies is also to target at building a strong career and setting the foundations ready by laying concrete building blocks of appropriate skills, knowledge and also a little amount of practical aspects on team-play, goal-setting, self-assessment and awareness on career, opportunities and the global market.

A major chunk of this activity is communication both oral and written. The primary motive of writing assignments on various topics is to develop writing skills, way of presentation, vocabulary, capability to do research and enhance knowledge base. Hence assignment writing holds an important role in career development apart from the grades that it fetches.

The ability to get professional help in assignment writing helps you as students to see and learn the versatile ways of written communication and also presenting subject matter in precise format. This also helps you in assessing your own skills as compared to a Continue reading

Tactical Neighbourhood Policing Plan

The post addresses a tactical neighbourhood policing plan about local crime and anti-social behaviour problems in a run-down area of London. The crimes include behaviour problems consist of bullying of vulnerable families, drug dealing and illegal drug taking, broken windows, littering and graffiti.

Neighbourhood Policing

Is your neighbourhood protetcted?

To some extent, anti-social behaviours tend to receive low attention from the police as the law enforcement officer direct their effort to what they consider to be “real crime”. However, unknown to many, anti-social behaviours tend to cause a lot of discomfort in many neighbourhoods and affects the general quality of life. Continue reading

Fundamentals of Management

Are you pursuing Management Studies in a UK university? One of your important subjects is “Fundamentals of Management” and you will also have to prepare assignments on the same. For a few useful points on UK business management that will help you in writing your essay well, read on.

Fundamentals of Management

Do you have the fundamentals clear?

A deep and thorough understanding of Fundamentals of Management is very essential as it is one of the basic and elementary yet one of the most important foundations of business studies. Whist you understand the role and importance of management, you will also analyse the major management tools and processes as they would give you a whole-some view of an organisation and its business environment.

As a graduate student, this knowledge would not only enable you to comprehend the role of managers of various levels in an organisation, but also assist you in your career by enabling you to become self-managed and proactive in managing your roles and responsibilities from a broader perspective rather than Continue reading

New Product Development

This article is a useful short guide to those who need to know more about how to set up innovative business strategies to facilitate new product development? This is a short useful guide that will help you write your assignment and essay in a concise yet comprehensive manner, especially if you are associated with a UK university.

Businesses are shifting the focus from cost-cutting and remodeling to strategic growth plans, and hence managers are asserting the significance of innovation and new product development as vital success factors. This will help the company to increase profits by developing innovations effectively with strategic plans and policies.

New Product Development

Innovation is the key

Successful business respond both to the needs of existing customers as well as anticipate future needs and trends by developing ideas at the right time. Thus innovation helps business to stay ahead of competition, avoid any losses due to reasons like, the business being unable to respond to new market trends and technology changes.

Innovation is no longer viewed a traditional Research & Development activity but has been recognized as a separate corporate process.  Innovation requires management binder for an enthused vision of the future and has to become the responsibility of every employee to ensure that the organisational goals are achieved.

Innovation aims at developing and buying technology in the business for the new product development and Continue reading

Fundamentals of Finance

In today’s competitive business world, managers are expected to know the basics and Fundamentals of Finance and are held accountable for all aspects of their decisions including financial aspects. To write a well researched assignment or essay on Finance for your UK university, read further as this article will certainly help you.

Being finance savvy will help even managers without finance background to know the outcome of any of their decisions.

Fundamentals of Finance

Can you manage your finances?

Finance is a topic which must be understood during demanding economic period since at every organisational level financial acumen is expected. As mangers whether from financial or non financial department, you are expected to identify profitable and loss making endeavors projects under you. This is for a basic reason that contribution to the organisational goals is measured in monetary terms. Again, you need to know finance. This will help you build a successful career. As nonfinancial managers knowledge of the various financial tools and techniques will help you to identify profitable project ideas.

The key financial terms to be learnt are capital, assets, liabilities, debt, risk and return, book keeping,   income and expenditure, balance sheet, profit and loss account etc. The accounting process involves Continue reading

Business Economics

Business economics is an allied field of economics which studies the optimum use of resources which are scarce and involves evaluation of two options available in achieving the required objective within the given constraints. If you are looking for help in writing your essay or assignment on Business Economics for a UK university, read on.

Business Economics

Business Economics

This involves use of economic theory and quantitative methods to scrutinise business and the relationship of companies with Labor, Capital and product. The general issues that are studied in Business Economics are why organisations develop and exist, why they grow, the role of businesspersons and entrepreneurship, the interactions between corporations and the business setting etc.

Economic forces like inflation, employment levels and fiscal policies affect Continue reading