Organisational Analysis

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Organisational Analysis

Have you analysed your organisation’s productivity?

Organisational Analysis is a process by which the evaluation of productivity and functionality of the systems of the organisation is done to enhance the effectiveness, performance, and productivity. All companies must constantly develop the systems in the organisation to keep up their market competitive advantage. They need to develop new organisational strategies for organisational development and for augmenting the emphasis on increased efficiency.

The assignment on organisational analysis needs to cover focus areas of the subject, techniques used for studying perceptions of employees on their jobs and organisation as a whole. This is important for the student to identify the relevance of employee perceptions in enhancing organisational efficiency and development. The approach to be chosen while performing evaluation of employee and system productivity is another key area to be covered by the student.

The approach will decide how the study is going to shape up and the areas which will be affected by the implementation of strategic plans or any other organisational changes. The significance of a systematic approach in organisational analysis cannot be undermined. The student must be in a position to understand how to make the process easy and also how to set up a systematic approach for improving productivity of all functional areas.

There are many points to remember during implementation of changes proposed after organizational analysis. The importance of the organisational analysis has become high due to the difficulty in effecting messy organisational changes.

All these points need to be taken into account when you are writing an assignment or essay on Organisational Analysis as that will help you score well.

The examples of Organisational Analysis Models are Rational Model, Natural System model, Socio-Technical Model and Cognitive Model. This would cover the approach adopted by each model, the positive and negative aspects of choosing each model, the situations which suit the choice of the model, the points to remember while using that particular model etc.

Analysis of a few examples of Organisational Analysis will help you in knowing the recent trends in the growth and reorganisation of business. While studying the example, the student can try to identify the organisation analysis model used, why the same was chosen etc. Also, an in depth study of how the changes were implemented in the organisation will help you further in applying the theoretical aspects in practice later in your career too.

There are four important management paradigms namely, scientific management, human relations, human resources and the whole person/ principle centered. The way how these differ from each other, the merits and demerits, metaphors, principles are a great area of study. The inter relationship between the management paradigms can be studied to develop understanding on how to improve personal and organisational effectiveness.

It will be advantageous for the student to develop the critical and analytical skills necessary to understand the various management strategies. For organisations to develop, they must undergo significant change at various stages in their development. Hence organisational analysis becomes relevant to plan and understand strategies the growth of an organisation.

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