NonProfit Social Marketing

The study of nonprofit social marketing is designed to understand the social aspects of marketing among nonprofit organisations and companies dealing with social issues as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. Need help to write an assignment on nonprofit social marketing? Read on.

NonProfit Social Marketing

Have you ever been a part of a nonprofit organisation?

The concept of Social Marketing was developed by Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman. This new concept’s marketing principles can be used to sell ideas, attitudes and behaviors thereby by bringing about social changes by using the same concepts from regular business marketing. Social marketing is geared towards supporting a social cause, raising money, awareness and public education. This is used widely in the health industry for UN programs.

Nonprofit marketing refers to marketing activities and policies used by a nonprofit organisation to spread the message of the organisation and to seek donations. Nonprofit marketing involves development of a media campaign to expose the organisation to an outside audience. Social marketing has become a vital part of the marketing setting to steer in social, environmental and political changes.

You can use the following concepts for writing assignments namely social marketing campaign strategy, examples of social marketing, advantages of social marketing, difference between business marketing and social marketing.

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Some advantages of social marketing are being inexpensive, provides a vastly targeted audience and helping to multiply business profits. This can be done through a variety of social media means such as blogs, picture and video sharing sites, using social bookmarking sites and networking websites.

The marketing planning process takes this consumer focus into consideration by tackling the elements of the “marketing mix.” The four components of marketing mix are known as the “4 Ps” namely Product, Price, Places and Promote. Additionally the following “P’s” have been identified in social marketing theory namely- Publics, Partnership, Policy and Purse Strings.

The main difference between social marketing theory and traditional business marketing theory is the goals (profit earning Vs well-being of society). The knowledge of customers is gained to earn more financial profits in business marketing whereas is social marketing it is used for societal well being to create social change.

In both cases the study of the lives of individual and motivational factors is done, customers are segmented, marketing strategies are designed, traditional and modern marketing techniques are used to sell products/’idea’ and the marketing program is evaluated in the end.

The students are expected to know theoretical knowledge on social marketing concept as well as practical aspects like applying social marketing components planning and organizing an effective social cause campaign successfully etc. This requires students to read a lot of material on marketing, sociology, environmental studies, politics etc. A student with very less time in hand will find the task of completing a conclusive assignment difficult and time consuming.

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