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Management is a result oriented continuous process of getting things done through people and working on management coursework effectively requires good research and writing skills. Therefore, it sometimes becomes imperative to take management assignment help from a UK essay writing service.

Since management process is a group activity involving people with different skill sets, knowledge levels, emotions and expectations, based on situations it needs to be dynamic and flexible while planning, organising, directing and controlling the activities.

Managing the moolah!

Managing the moolah!

The above mentioned processes are run by managers who function at the various levels of the organisation. The students can write assignments to examine the meaning of management and different types of roles performed by managers in various UK companies. There would be many managers working in an organisation who could be classified on the basis of tasks performed and authority hierarchy. The classification is necessary since all managers do not work at the same level / position/ job title. Their differentiation on the basis of hierarchy is termed as levels of management.

The three levels of management can be named as below:

  • Administrative or Top Level Managers.
  • Executive or Middle Level Managers.
  • Supervisory or Lower Level of Managers.

Each manager carries out different roles and functions in their respective level of management.

Scoring well in a management coursework involves explaining a lot of factors in detail, which is why it is recommended that you use the help of a UK essay writing service.

Top Level Management comprises of the representatives of shareholders namely the Board of Directors (BOD), the Chief Executive Officer or President who is selected by the BOD of the company. They perform the key functions of long term goal planning and policy setting of the organisation called as pivotal thinking functions. They are the final authority in the company and their position is of maximum responsibility as they are directly responsible to the stakeholders. This makes it imperative to study extensively the conceptual skills, a top level manager requires to perform the guiding and directing role and also how a he can perform excellently even without technical skills.

The Middle Level Management consists of the department/ branch managers and junior executives who are appointed by top level management.  Their role is more of organising, coordinating and directing. They are the communication channel between top and lower level of management. A practical case study can be conducted on the managerial and technical skills used by department heads while performing their management functions. Another study area would be how managers interpret policies set by top management which is then conveyed to floor level managers as plan of performance for them.

The Lower Level Management is made up of foremen and supervisors who are selected by the middle level management for performing the directing and controlling function of management. The significance of communication skills in the role of a supervisor can be studied also covering the question why it is required along with basic management skills and technical skills.

The three levels of management can be distinguished in terms of their areas of planning, reporting authority, frequency of reporting, skill set required to perform the role etc. To study the various levels of management in actual market perspective on any of the above mentioned areas, students can approach our assignment writing services UK at to utilise the expertise of our UK based management consultant experts for comprehensive and timely management coursework.

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