Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management refers to recruiting and hiring the best available task force and getting the best out of them through effective training and supervision. The success of an organisation is dependent on this key resource and hence has made it an integral part of all management studies. To write a well researched HRM essay, you can avail help from a good UK based assignment writing service.

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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Below is a synopsis on the list of subjects that are available for the topic human resource management and please contact us for detailed help on any of the subjects.

Employee development comes from the basic thought that ‘Organisational productivity increases if individuals proactively enhance their own knowledge and skill set’. Availability of right staff at right time can be ensured by proper Succession planning.

Motivational Strategies are required to retain good staff that needs encouragement apart from salary. The motivational system is a continuous process tailored to the situation and organisation and aims at providing an effective reward system (intrinsic and extrinsic), redesigning jobs, creating flexibility through job sharing and  telecommuting techniques.

Corporate Culture refers to the attitudes, beliefs and values shared by the people in an organisation. This further specifies ideas to be pursued by people in the organisation to achieve the goal of the organisations and expected employee behavior guidelines and patterns.

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Recruitment & Selection is the process of finding suitable candidate for a job involving stages like job analysis, advertisements and proactive recruiting research, screening and selection.

Performance Appraisal refers to the periodic formal interaction between a supervisor and his subordinate.  The strengths and weaknesses of employees are identified through various predefined criteria. An area of discussion that must be covered is 360 –degree appraisal system.

Quality Management covers principles and ten steps to Total Quality management (TQM), the various dimensions to quality like technical performance, effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery, interpersonal relations, continuity of services and physical infrastructure and comfort.

Leadership and Development include aspects like different types of leadership styles and leadership skills and leadership theories like Trait theory, leadership behavior theory, contingent and situational theory, emotional intelligence theory.

Human Resource Planning and Development consists of areas such as short term and long term training to develop the skills of the employees to suit to their current and future responsibilities. The phases of training and development are assessment, program design, implementation and evaluation.

Organisational Development involves activities like team building, goal setting, planning, leadership development, interpersonal communication, human resources management, systems design, technical training and quality management.

Organisational behavior is the study of individual’s behavior an organisational set up. Various theories that have been developed on this topic are scientific management theory, bureaucratic theory, contingency theory and systems theory.

There are other topics also available in human resource management assignment service like time management, Theory X and Theory Y, Parkinson’s law, The Dilbert principle, organisational culture, compensation management, change management, employment laws, Industrial relations etc.

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