Fundamentals of Finance

In today’s competitive business world, managers are expected to know the basics and Fundamentals of Finance and are held accountable for all aspects of their decisions including financial aspects. To write a well researched assignment or essay on Finance for your UK university, read further as this article will certainly help you.

Being finance savvy will help even managers without finance background to know the outcome of any of their decisions.

Fundamentals of Finance

Can you manage your finances?

Finance is a topic which must be understood during demanding economic period since at every organisational level financial acumen is expected. As mangers whether from financial or non financial department, you are expected to identify profitable and loss making endeavors projects under you. This is for a basic reason that contribution to the organisational goals is measured in monetary terms. Again, you need to know finance. This will help you build a successful career. As nonfinancial managers knowledge of the various financial tools and techniques will help you to identify profitable project ideas.

The key financial terms to be learnt are capital, assets, liabilities, debt, risk and return, book keeping,   income and expenditure, balance sheet, profit and loss account etc. The accounting process involves identifying all financial transactions into debits and credits on the basis of basic accounting principles and write journals and ledgers. This forms base for preparing your corporate financial statements as per format of annual report approved by authorities.

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The student should be able to use the balance sheet to scrutinise assets and liabilities and the know equity position of the firm. The meaning of each of these terms, tools available for data analysis and the significance of the finding and its implication are interesting areas of study which could be chosen by students. Studying the profit position of the company is important and analysing the profit and loss account will help in assessing the income and expenses. Sources and utilisation of funds received from investors is depicted through cash flow statement.

The interesting topics of Corporate Finance include financial statement analysis (which can be accomplished through ratio analysis), financial markets, time value of money, valuation of assets, capital budgeting, cost of capital, risk management, derivatives etc.

The student can develop in depth understanding of concepts in Capital Budgeting like Long and short-term financial decisions, cash flows, evaluation of cash flows, net present value, cost of capital, risk, return etc. The importance of capital budgeting cannot be challenged.

The fundamentals of finance also cover the following aspects like capital structure, dividend policy, leverage and working capital decisions. The impact of each of the above topic on capital structure of the company needs to be studied in detail to ensure maximisation of wealth of shareholders. Knowledge of these topics will help in insuring optimum utilisation of capital and assets, increase profitability etc. The assignment can cover latest scenarios of UK business areas like stock, banking, business and foreign exchange.

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