Finance Assignments

Students in the UK from finance, commerce and management disciplines are expected to prepare finance assignments periodically. To score a distinction in these assignments, it sometimes becomes useful to take help from a professional essay writing service.

In addition to the indepth subject knowledge, the student must also know the knack of choosing an appealing topic for the assignment. Due to paucity of time, peer pressure and huge load of assignments, students often fail, either to choose an appropriate topic or to present the same in an impressive manner. Our assignments help service come to the rescue of these students.

Finance assignments

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The subject finance covers aspects like financial statements and their interpretation, capital structure, capital budgeting, working capital management, budgetary control, cash flow statements, portfolio management etc in an elaborate manner. The subtopics to the above main headings can be further explored to choose the assignment topic and here is a partial list of the same- time value of money, risk and return, cost of capital, stock assignments, dividends, valuation of a company, derivative markets and instruments, international finance etc.

Students can decide the topic and communicate the same to our expert writers. The following paragraphs will give you a minuscule description of some of the above subjects which in turn will help you in finding a topic of your liking.

Financial statement analysis refers to studying the profitability, stability and liquidity of the firm. The assessment of the firm or the project will be done by our professionals who prepare detailed reports after computing various ratios, cash flows and performing a detailed study of the financial statements (Balance sheet and Income statement).

Capital structure refers to the means by which the firm is financed. Hence cost of capital is an essential tool in financial decision making. The various principles that affect capital structure are Cost principle, Risk principle, Control principle, Flexibility principle and timing principle. An important tool used in screening investment proposals and in deciding amount of capitalisation is the Cost of Capital. It also provides optimal capital structure guidelines.

These points and a few more as mentioned below will help you score well in your finance assignment. A professional UK writer from a good essay writing service can put together these points for you.

Capital budgeting is important to management during capital expenditure decisions since it involves substantial cash outflows and has a lasting impact on the company’s future. The entire process of capital budgeting can be divided into six steps. Techniques used in this decision making are profitability index, internal rate of return, net present value, accounting rate of return, weighted average cost of capital, CAPM model etc. Time value of money concept is linked to the capital budgeting topic. To find the net present value of any project, we need to discount the future cash flows of the firm using specified rate of return.

Working capital management entails short term financial decisions. The working capital needs of the firm are influenced by factors like nature and size of business, trade cycles, profitability and length of production cycle. The sources of short term working capital are banks, commercial papers etc. Related subtopics are management of cash, receivables and inventory.

Finance assignments can further be supported by case laws, the UK company’s financials and charts. Our experts are well versed with different presentation techniques and are available round the clock to cater to the requirements and expectations of the students. Order your finance assignments at

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