Conflict Resolution

At workplace, conflicts between people have become common and managers need to resolve these conflicts judiciously and effectively to augment personal and professional growth of staff. Would you like to avail conflict management / conflict resolution assignment help by UK essay writers? Read further.

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Conflicts happen when employees vent out stress that has built up in their minds. Managers must always try to nip any tiffs in the bud. During conflict resolution, the manager needs to focus on issues and not on individuals. We usually come across cases where managers try to avoid, ignore or deny the presence of conflicts. A good manager will be able to proactively identify any likely threats to team cohesion and will try to resolve the dispute amicably, thereby helping the organisation in increasing its productivity, awareness, team spirit and self-knowledge. If the manager fails to resolve the dispute harmoniously, it may result in discord amongst staff and lead to talent diminution.

There are a few basic steps to address conflicts at workplace.

  1. Formulate a grievance policy with employee participation
  2. Find about conflicts in the company by use of anonymous survey forms , informal get together with staff.
  3. Install a Dispute Resolution System within the organization which will be available to all employees
  4. Train managers in conflict resolution
  5. Seek professional assistance

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The manager can adopt one of the below styles of dealing conflicts depending upon the situation. These steps will help in conflict resolution.

Competitive style: This style is used by aggressive managers who take a firm stand in an emergency situation where the decision needs to be taken fast.

Collaborative style: In this style the managers are highly assertive yet are cooperative and acknowledge other’s importance.

Compromising style: This style in preferred by managers to find a solution that would satisfy everyone in situations where both parties are ready to give in a little.

Accommodating Style: This style indicates the person is no assertive and is ready to sacrifice or surrender to maintain peace.

Avoiding style: A commonly used style by managers who expect that things will get sorted out themselves and pretend that a conflict does not exist.

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There is another concept for conflict resolution called Interest-Based Relational Approach which respects individual differences while helping people avoid becoming too entrenched in a fixed position. There are some rules detailed in this approach which when followed can often keep contentious discussions, positive and constructive.

The rules for conflict management / conflict resolution according to this approach are:

  • · Make sure that good relationships are the first priority
  • · Keep people and problems separate
  • · Pay attention to the interests that are being presented
  • · Listen first; talk second
  • · Set out the “Facts”
  • · Explore options together

Managers need to be made part of conflict resolution training programs which broadly cover the following aspects like conflict management styles, strategies for conflict management, training in counseling, managing disputes, how to balance assertiveness and understanding etc.

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